Want to preserve and enhance the team building

and performance of your company?

Enters Patate NYC!

Here are two ways to transform the vital energy of your company:


The Patate Box

Our partners joined our cause to spread wellness and together we created the perfect combination of products to revitalise your work environment.

A complementary Patate class of your choice for your team comes with the Boxes.

- In the Patate Box -

A book with 13 yummy and healthy recipes from one of our Patate Cheffe

A sport accessory and how to use it to spice up your routines


The perfect snack post work out


Some delicious tea

A tote bag you'll carry everywhere

A complementary Patate class of your choice for your employees


The Patate Classes

We will create together a weekly schedule so your employees and move, relax and learn!

- List of classes -

Afro'Dance with Angel (1h)


Ayurvedic Cooking Classes with Stephanie (1h)

Ayurvedic Food Workshops with Stephanie (30min)


Barre with Manon (1h)


Combat with Nir (1h)

A progression-based martial arts class that effortlessly develops skill,

burns calories, and reduces stress.


"Improving Daily Movement" Workshops with Mike (30min or 1h)

Series of themes that our Master Trainer can expand on:

Building Habits Into Your Busy Day

Ready For The Day Movement Warmup

Workspace Workout

Brain and Body Connections


Essential Oil Workshops with Maureen (30min or 1h)


HIIT with Manon (1h)


Meditation with Myriam (30min or 1h)


Pilates with Manon (1h)


"Procuring Peak Performance" Workshops with Elyse (30min or 1h)

Series of themes that our Trainer can expand on:

Maintaining Movement at home

Tending to Immune Health

Pursuing Purpose & Passion


Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Jessica (1h)


Yoga with Myriam (1h)

For pricing, contact:

Our Partners:

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